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Hornetic is an electronic module that allows you to to automatically switch from one horn to another when you need it most. Hold your horn down for more than a second and Hornetic automatically switches to your secondary horn. Tap your horn to say 'Hey!', Hold your horn to say 'I'm done asking!'

Unlike other solutions, you don't have to think during an emergency and you don't have to be outrageous every time you touch your horn.


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Keep your whole family safe on the road. With Hornetic, you select your secondary horn, from 'Hey!' to 'I am done asking!'.

Hornetic works with any 12v system. It can be fit on motorcycles, off-road vehicles or boats.


$ 49.99 ea
  • Single Hornetic Module
  • 3/4 Second Activation
  • 12 Volt System
  • Waterproof Unit
  • Easy Installation

Family Pack

$ 79.99 2 units
  • Two Hornetic Modules
  • 3/4 Second Activation
  • 12 Volt System
  • Waterproof Unit
  • Easy Installation

Fleet Vehicle Options

Add Hornetic to your fleet vehicle safety options! We can customize the activation of the secondary horn through programming to give you a unique sound profile. Hornetic is legal in all 50 States and across Canada. Hornetic has the potential to reduce fender benders, which saves you money not only in vehicle repairs, but in the depreciated value of a vehicle that has been in an accident.

Potential Savings Calculator

If only 1% of your current damaged vehicles avoid accidents with Hornetic, you could save big!


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Installation Help

Make sure you are installing Hornetic in the right direction! "Horn IN" wires get attached to your current OEM horn wires. Confirm positive and negative and splice in the appropriate Hornetic wires. White is Positive, Black is Negative. Out 85 and 86 get connected to the relay circuit that came with your after market horn. See diagram.

You must use an appropriate fuse and wire gauge in the relay circuit sized to the requirements of the after market horn you purchased. You should strip and solder the Hornetic wires to the OEM wires, and make sure to insulate them well. You can click on the image to the right to download the installation PDF. If you have more questions Honk Us below. We know you are probably in it by the time you send us an email and we will do our best to connect with you ASAP.